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Products: Terms of Sale


Heat Star Systems equipment is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. At its option, Heat Star will repair or replace defects which may develop under proper and normal use.


Heat Star disclaims responsibility for product failure arising from misuse, improper installation, negligence, tampering or other operating conditions beyond our control. The customer is responsible for the suitability of the products to the application. This warranty does not apply to heaters that have failed prematurely due to corrosion or chemical destruction caused by conditions beyond our control.

We highly recommend the use of low liquid level protection systems and liquid level controls when the use of heaters is involved. The suitability of products to specific applications is the final responsibility of the user.

Please insure applicability of heater before installation since we cannot guarantee heaters against premature failure due to corrosion or chemical destruction caused by unusual conditions over which we have no control such as:

  • Excessively high solutions temperatures
  • The concentration of the solution
  • The presence of inhibitors
  • The presence of other acids causing a secondary reaction
  • Flux floating on the surface
  • The presence of dissolved gases
  • Excessive sludge build-up
  • Stagnant or turbulent flow of the solution
  • Aeration
  • Presence of oxygen or an oxidizing agent in the solution
  • Erosion

Returned Equipment Producedure

Defective products under warranty may be returned to Heat Star Systems only if the company has given prior written approval in accordance with above cited criteria. Heat Star Systems is not liable for labor cost incurred in removal, reinstallations, or unauthorized repair of the product or for damage of any type whatsoever, including incidental or consequential damage. Returned goods must be shipped via prepaid freight.


Heat Star Systems will accept no cancellation or change on orders which are in production or scheduled for production. At the company’s option a penalty charge may be incurred on order cancellations or order changes. The penalty charge will take into account expenses already incurred and commitments made by the company. In the event of cancellation, all materials in process will be billed twenty percent (20%).

Damage Claims

Title shall pass upon delivery of material to the carrier whether shipped transportation prepaid, F.O.B., or otherwise. The customer shall assume all risk of loss after equipment is delivered.


Electric immersion heaters will ignite many plastic tanks such as polypropylene and polyethylene and subject personnel to shock hazard if not properly installed and maintained.


This and other information from Heat Star Systems provides product or system options for investigation by users having technical expertise. Before you select or use any product it is important that analyze all aspects of your technical application and review the information concerning the product in the current product catalog. The user, through the analysis and testing, is responsible for making the final selection of the system and assuring that all performance, safety, and warning requirements of the application suit their application.

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