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Tech Advice

Maximum Temperature for Chemical Resistance

HeatStar Systems employs 30 mil PTFE Fluoropolymer on its metal heater elements for best performance.

Maximum Temperature for Chemical Resistance

PTFE / polytetraflouroethylene provides the best chemical resistance at high temperatures. However, the rate of molecular flow (permeation) varies among chemicals depending on its concentration and temperature conditions. It is best to consult with your chemical supplier for optimal operating temperature to prevent permeation.

Always allow your Fluoropolymer to cool down for 15 to 20 minutes before removing it from its tank.

General Statement: Statements of suitability of fluids with PTFE materials are general statements and should not be construed as recommendations. Any statements of suitability are the result of a compilation of various sources of information based on experience, tests, and published technical literature. No guarantee or warranty is in any way implied.

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